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the 19th ILERA World Congress, Lund, Sweden, 21–24 June 2021


Visa Information

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If you want to visit Sweden for business or a conference and you are a citizen in a country outside the EU, you may need to apply for a permit for your visit. Which permit you need to apply for depends on how long your stay in Sweden will be.
If your stay in Sweden will be less than 90 days you may need to apply for a visa. If your stay in Sweden will be longer than 90 days you need to apply for a visitor’s residence permit.

Link to more information:

List of foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden

Requi­re­ments for receiving a visa for busi­ness or a confe­rence

In order to be receive a visa for business or a conference you must

  • have a passport that is valid for at least three months after the visa has expired, was issued in the last ten years and has at least two empty pages.
  • be able to describe the purpose of your visit.
  • have an invitation from the company or the person that is arranging the conference.
  • have money to support yourself and for the return trip home (Sweden also requires you to have 450 SEK for each day you stay in Sweden, which can also be paid for by the company that has invited you).
  • have an individual medical travel insurance that covers all costs that may arise in connection with emergency medical treatment, urgent medical care or transportation to your home country for medical reasons (the insurance must cover costs of at least 30,000 EUR and be valid for all Schengen countries).
  • show that you intend to leave Sweden and the Schengen area on the last day before the visa expires.
  • a photograph that is in passport format and taken with you facing the camera and which is not older than six months.
  • other documents that the embassy may require.

Remember that it is important that you verify what applies in your particular case.
We recommend that you initiate the visa application process well ahead.

You can find more information on the embassy’s website.

Letter of Invitation

Information regarding Letter of Invitation will be provided in the confirmation email that you will receive upon submission of a paper abstract or a special session proposal.